Crocheted Trellis Yarn LONG TASSEL Necklace Pattern - Emailed within 24 hours

Detailed instructions and pictures for making the Trellis Yarn LONG TASSEL Necklace. PDF file will be sent to your email. Beginner to Intermediate crochet skills needed for this pattern.
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Give them as gifts to friends, family, and co-workers, or sell them at craft fairs and trade shows.

You will receive a PDF file with detailed instructions and pictures for the Crocheted Trellis Yarn Long Tassel Necklace Pattern.

Supplies your will need (not included):

*1 ball (Skein) of Trellis Ladder Yarn.  You will need approximately 320 inches for the the Chain and 150 inches for the tassel (Total: 470 inches = 39 ft, 2 inches).  Gold Rush was used in the pattern.


*Size K or similar Crochet Hook

*Jewelry Supplies for Tassel necklace - 2  6mm Jump rings, Large decorative Jumpring, and End cap.  Click here to purchase these.

*Beacon 527, E6000 Glue, or similar glue

*2 Jewelry Pliers

*Object that measures 4.5 inches for wrapping yarn around to make the tassel. I used a lid, but you can also cut a piece of cardboard.

If you have questions about the pattern, we are happy to help. Please email But because of the nature of the patterns, we regret that patterns are non-refundable.