Ruffley Crocheted or Knitted Flamenco Scarf

Here is the pattern for the

Crocheted Ruffley Flamenco Scarf

Youtube Video: Crochet Flamenco Yarn Scarf Pattern.

(Knitted Pattern after...)


1 Ball of Flamenco Yarn (Makes approx. 2 1/2 five foot scarves)

Crochet hook (Size not really important.  Larger is easier.  I used a K)

1. Stretch the yarn.  You will notice that one side of the yarn is thinner that the other.  You will work with the thinner side which is at the top in the photo below.


2. Starting with the end of the yarn on the side of the hand you crochet with.  (Right handers with have the end the yarn on the right side with the ball of yarn on the left.) You will notice that the yarn is made like a honeycomb shape.  Make sure you work with the very top row of the yarn.  It may seem like you are skipping a space but the space inbetween is the 2nd row. You will only work with the very top row. You can tell that it is the very top because there will be just one thread, not 2 sewn together.

 Insert the crochet hook from front to back in the first 5 very top holes. 


Pull the top thread from the 5th hole through the rest of the 4 holes.


3.  Insert the hook in the next 4 holes and pull the thread from the 4th hole through the 3 holes and the loop on the hook so that you only have one loop remaining on the hook.  If you would like a fuller scarf, you can insert your hook into more than 4 holes in step 3.  I have started to alternate between inserting the the hook into 4 and 5 holes.  You can make approx 2 1/2 5ft scarves this way with 1 ball. 

4. Repeat step 3 until you reach a desired length.  I like to make the scarves about 5 feet.  The yarn tends to turn in the same direction as you go.  You will have to spin it around every so often so it doesn't get too twisted. .


6. To finish, cut the yarn through the middle of the honeycomb shapes as shown.


7. Tie the bottom and top threads in a knot. Then tie one or two knots over it to secure. Trim the ends. You can go back to the starting end of your scarf and do the same.


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Knitted Ruffley Flamenco Scarf

Patterned Provided by GSC Tekstil


Finished Scarf Approx. 47" (120cm) Long

Material: 1 Ball Ice Flamenco Yarn

Fiber Contect: 100% Acrylic

Needle Size: 8mm/US 11

1. Stretch the yarn.  One side of the yarn is thinner than the other side.  We will work with the thinner side.

2. Insert the needle to each mesh hole at thin side.  Do it for 8 holes.

3. Cast on 8 stitches, and one row is finished after 8 holes. 

4. Repeat all rows as row 1.  Knit all rows as Garter Stitch.


Fuller Crocheted Ruffley Flamenco Scarf

Pattern coming soon...