Ruffley Crocheted or Knitted Ballerina Scarf

Ballerina Yarn Scarf - Free Crochet Pattern (and Knitted Pattern below...)

(Also known as Flounce Yarn)

Knitted Pattern to Follow...

Youtube Video: Ballerina Yarn Scarf Pattern.

The Ballerina Yarn Scarf is crocheted together similar to the Flamenco Scarf.


1. Stretch the yarn. Both sides of the yarn are the same so you can pick which side you want the top to be.


2. Starting with the end of the yarn on the side of the hand you crochet with. (Right handers with have the end the yarn on the right side with the ball of yarn on the left.) You will notice that the yarn is like a netted fabric which makes diamond shapes. Work with one of the top netted rows of thread. It doesn't really matter if you use the very top or the 2nd or 3rd, but try to stay consistant throughout the project.

3. Start at least 5 diamond shapes from the end of the yarn. Insert the crochet hook from front to back into the top of the net 5 times with approximately 2 inches of space inbetween each insert creating loops on your crochet hook.


4. Pull the 5th loop (closest to your hook) through the rest of the 4 loops on your crochet hook. You made need to pull the 4th loop down to stretch it out as you pull your hook through, because it tends to be a tight squeeze.


5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you reach a desired length. I like to make the scarves about 5 - 6 feet. The yarn tends to turn in the same direction as you go. You will have to spin it around every so often so it doesn't get too twisted. If you would like a fuller scarf, insert your hook into more than 4 holes in step 3.

6. To finish, pull up the loop that was on your crochet hook about 2 inches. You will use this to tie off.


7. Trim the yarn and tie the pulled loop and remaining yarn in a knot. Then tie one or two knots over it to secure. Trim the ends. You can go back to the starting end of your scarf and do the same. Instead of pulling up a loop, tie the top and bottom parts of the yarn together.


You can go back to the starting end of your scarf and do the same. Instead of pulling up a loop, tie the top and bottom parts of the yarn together. Trim the ends.

pic pic

How to wear: There are probably many ways to wear the scarf. I like to put it around the back of my neck with one side about 1.5 feet longer. Take the longer side and wrap it around your neck and all the way back to the front. Then cross the two long sides and put one through the middle as if you were tying a half knot. Feel free to post any of your ideas.


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Free Knitted Ballerina Yarn Scarf Pattern

Pattern provide by GSC Tekstil


Approx 47" (120cm) Long

Material: 1 Ball Ice Ballerina Yarn

Fiber Content: 100% Acrylic

Needle Size: 5mm/US 8

1. Stretch the yarn.

2. Insert the needle in holes at one side of the yarn.  Cast on stitches by leaving approximately 1.5cm (1/4) inch between needles.

3. Do this for 8 stitches

4. For second row, insert needles in the holes at the same side of the yarn.  Work as garter stitch.

5. Do same for every row.  Bind off (cast off) all stitches when finished.


Fuller Crocheted Ballerina Yarn Ruffley Scarf Pattern


I just came up with this new idea for a fuller Crocheted Ballerina scarf.

The pattern is pretty simple: You chain crochet 6 stitches, turn. Skip first chain and 1 single crochet in remaining 5 chains. Then chain 1, turn. Then 1 single crochet in 5 single crochets just made. Then go back and forth like that until you have reached the desired length of your scarf. I haven't made a full one yet, but I have estimated that you should be able to make at least one 5ft scarf and have some yarn left over. This pattern is a guide. You can play with it however you like. You can make the scarf wider or more narrow by adding or subtracting the number of chains you start out with at the beginning.

Also, working with the Ballerina yarn is different than working with regular yarn. You aren't going to use the entired strand of yarn. Instead, you will pull it part as you go and work with only one side of the yarn. Each time you start a stitch you will insert the crochet hook on the edge of the yarn about 1 inch away from your work. If you are working with the Ballerina Glitz yarn, you will crochet on the opposite site of the glittery part.

You may view these photos that may also help you understand the pattern.

pic pic
         Front View                             Back View          

This is the first step. The 6 Chain Crochets.

This is how the 5 Single Crochets will look after doing a few rows.

You can finish off the same way as the first Crocheted Ballerina Scarf.